This, you thought, was the best golf instruction you have ever had. So, to take this golf lesson to the course was going to take some practice on your part.

Taylor wrote the song in multiple locations, starting in London at the flat of his producer Peter Asher. He continued working on it going on  Escorted Tours in the south Australian south east and finally finished it on another nearby island. Taylor poured into the song all of his homesickness for his Australian home.

You can pack your bags and go to the splendid escorted travel courses in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Kangaroo Island for a relaxing and enjoyable time. Contact your tour operator and book for a golf vacation in advance. Well, you cannot avoid the Scotland greens, as it is considered to be the birthplace of golf. You cannot just avoid St Andrews golf course in Scotland, or the ocean side golf course in Ireland.

This does not imply that the Escorted Tours and travel have not evolved in this time, but suggests that it has been a successful basic shape through vastly changing conditions. Echidnas live up to 45 years. They can breed at about 6 years old. Studies on Kangaroo Island Golf suggest that they only breed every three to seven years, so the Echidna is not a prolific breeder.  Kangaroo Island is located south east of Adelaide, more information is here.

We all have days when our game is great, and other days when we can’t hit the ball and our game is a complete disaster. this is all down to our subconscious mind. it stores everything we do as memory, good or bad, trouble is it can’t differentiate between good or bad memories, and often we go through life replaying these memories. This is especially prevalent in playing Golf and is why some people will make the same mistakes at the same hole time and time again.

Do you want to know something that will completely knock your socks off? There is not only a guided tour of the Lighthouse in Cape Bruny but you can actually stay there in the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage! The historical landmark can accommodate up to four people and will give you an unforgettable experience.

Those who fancy driving and like escorted tours, for them The Great Ocean Road is the perfect place. Stretched at the length of 250 Km it runs from the Bellarine Peninsula to Warrnambool. The road covers some of the most outstanding scenery in Australia.